About Me

Marsha Fanning

I’m a values driven Executive who’s goals are to open people’s minds to the value of collaboration and the wealth that perspectives bring to business. When employees are included in the creation of business processes they understand the “why” and can see their input into fulfilling the overall objectives. Inclusion fosters alignment!

I take a humanistic approach to Strategy, Business Planning, Culture and overall operational efficiency and effectiveness, everyone along the value chain benefits. A key element for successful behavioural change is practicing new behaviours, one must walk the talk to create true sustainable change. People are included in all aspects of your business…so why not include them in more ways? I can help you with all of this!

Reach out if you are looking for help with creating or refreshing your unique purpose, developing authentic values and strategies, creating better processes, and achieving alignment in your business. I use creative, collaborative approaches to tell your story, create a team environment, and chart a path for future goals. Our efforts will result in shared successes for your business, employees, customers and communities